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A native of St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Selecta Chu or Matthew K. Passee Jr. as his parent know him as has been a lover of music from the tender age of nine (9). He has always kept up with the latest music no matter the genre. Selecta Chu was the person friends and families seek out when they needed the name or an artist of their favorite song which was on the tip of their tongue but couldn’t figure it out.
Selecta Chu first passion was tennis. He was the youngest tennis star at that time in the Virgin Islands. An activity that was demanded he joined to keep him out of trouble grew into something he craved and needed. He would tell you, “Without tennis I might not be alive today.” He was focus, driven and determined which paid off in a scholarship to move to the mainland to continue to his training. Chu received many awards, accolades and special recognitions for his great achievements in tennis. His career in tennis did not reach the heights it was intended but he accepted and knew good things was going to come his way no matter what obstacles he faced. Selecta Chu relocated to Atlanta and the love of music resurfaced.
He wanted to make an attempt at DJ'ing. He worked long hours to save to purchase equipment needed to begin his training as a DJ. Chu collected music to build playlists. He knew several dj's that needed his expertise in acquiring the latest music and used this to his advantage. He gave them a proposal they could not refused, he would send them the latest music and in return they would teach him how to dj.
He tells everyone, "If you love something pursue it because it great getting paid for something you love doing."  This is how Simplicity Soundz TV came into effect. He created the stage for him to continue practicing his skills.
His audience of course were none other than "Simplicity Ladies", without their feedback and continued harassment he wouldn't be as good as he is today. He thanks them for being there from the beginning. They would listen to him play and blog as they hear him live.
Selecta Chu has the tenacity and determination to go the extra mile. His fans and viewers know they can count on him to play what they like, along with incorporating the new. They know when Selecta Chu says he is going to be at their event, he will be there. You can find Simplicity Soundz at Blue Diamond Night Club, sometimes 426 in Atlanta, Georgia and none other than  He believes in his motto.
Simplicity Soundz TV is Simple Entertainment at it's best......

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