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DJing Is An Art Not Science

Being a DJ is one of the most exciting jobs you can have if you are a lover of music. There are skills that helps a DJ stand out from being an amateur to a top DJ to. Here are 5 ways you can tell if you hired the best or a new DJ start up.

A top DJ gets to their gig before show-time…

DJ’s get to their gig before show-time to make sure that what you are hearing they are hearing too. Once they are behind the DJ booth sound can be a little delayed. A top DJ knows the sound quality has to be on point and they make sure everything is perfect for you. A top DJ wants you to leave the club, party, wedding, etc… feeling rejuvenated, like you just came back off the most exotic trip.

A top DJ knows how to read the crowd…

Observing your audience is essential to becoming one of the top DJ’s. A DJ is supposed to know what music is hot and build their library accordingly. A DJ that knows what they are doing is going to start their evening by playing slow tempo music, non-hit tracks, or old school hits which they call early warming music and gradually changes the tempo as the evening progress. A top DJ looks up from time to time to check his audience; they want to see how the crowd is enjoying the music. A top DJ never isolate themselves from their crowd or audience. They know when it’s time to switch a track smoothly if the crowd is not feeling it.

Disco Club

A top DJ knows when to pull up the breaks and chill…

When I said DJing is an art I meant that. It is an Art of Seduction. A DJ teases your senses with their music. They play just a little of what you like (Flirting). DJ’s switch the tempo of the music that arouses feelings some forgot were there (Foreplay). Now the club, party or wedding is sizzling now. The DJ knows it’s time to slow it back down so those on the dance floor can get refills and dance partners are able to get to socialize a little. A top DJ gives the crowd enough time before they heat it up again. A top DJ knows they can’t treat it like an aerobics class. It has to be finessed or back to first base.

DJ Mixing

A top DJ communicates with the staff…

The staff at the establishment knows everything. They hear what the crowd are saying and can give your feedback about your djing. They know a lot more than you do. The staff know the pulse of the night and can help you in more ways than one. Having a good bartender friend also means free drinks when you need one, so be good to them.

A top DJ knows this is business…

If you are being paid to dj at a club you know if the music is good the crowd will continue coming and of course spending more. When the crowd is happy so is the establishment because money is being made. Top DJ’s knows this formula and will always play their best so they can get that call to come back again. It is a cycle!

So before you hire a DJ, you must check them out in their element. Word of mouth is good but not everyone has the same standards and qualities needed to make your event a smash hit.

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